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Blue Shield 'grooves' into value-based plan to cut premiums

Blue Shield of California is launching its new three-tiered, value-based program called Blue Groove that offers quality incentives for its members. The insurer expects the plan to reduce participating employers' premiums by as much as 15 percent in the first year, reported California Healthline. Members who achieve certain parameters, which are based on evidence-based protocols and outlined in a customized care plan, can earn up to $500 in cash. Blue Groove members belong in one of three tiers, called basic, main and care+groove, based on their specific engagement and health status, Michael O'Neil, director of product innovation at Blue Shield, told California Healthline. For example, members with diabetes are eligible for Blue Groove's care+groove, which covers a primary care physician, care team, reduced out-of-pocket expenses for specific services and a narrow network of providers. Article

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