MVP Health

Innovation meets insurance: 5 disruptive payers

By Dina Overland

Disrupter: MVP Health Care

Disrupting: Data management

Details: MVP Health Care was fed up with poor data management systems featuring siloed data and disconnected legacy systems. So the New York-based insurer decided to centralize its data, initiating a data environment transformation. Its overarching goals are to provide the right information to the right people at the right time while improving customer satisfaction and driving smarter decision-making. To that end, MVP Health is building a next-generation business intelligence competency center to serve an analytically-driven organization.

"We must get healthy at our core or risk the business equivalent of a coronary bypass--or worse," Linda McCann, MVP's vice president of business intelligence, told FierceHealthPayer. Otherwise, she added, insurers will make less informed decisions, suffer increased human error from misinterpretation of undefined data and watch costs rise. "Ultimately, we will not be in a position to innovate, and we will be at a competitive disadvantage."