5 steps for faster, cheaper claims processing with Wellmark macros

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The claims systems and processes that insurers use are a frequent culprit of inefficiency and wasteful spending. That's why health insurance companies are often on the lookout for a solution that saves money, enhances efficiency and productivity, and reduces errors to solve their claims processing problems.

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa says it's found the answer through its "wildly successful" use of claims processing macros, which automate a series of commands into a single keystroke, making them ideal for claims that consistently require the same repetitive steps. Wellmark's work list macros use Visual Basic Editor and interact with Excel, as well as Wellmark's mainframe system. They can process up to 1,200 claims per hour and finalize pending claims each and every time.

Based on Wellmark's own experience implementing macros to its claims processing, FierceHealthPayer presents five steps that will help you introduce macros so you can start improving your claims processing systems.

Wellmark's Macro Success Story

Step 1. Identify The Macro

Step 2. Estimate The Macro's Potential

Step 3. Verify The Macro's Outcome

Step 4. Test The Macro and Conduct Quality Assurance

Step 5. Determine The Macro's Administrative Savings

    Editor's note: This information was shared during a FierceLive webinar, "Increase Claims Processing Productivity Without Hiring More Staff." For even more tips on how to enhance your claims processing, you can listen to the free webinar on-demand. You also can download the webinar transcript (.pdf).