6 startups using tech and data to challenge the health insurance industry status quo

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Zoom wants to be a healthcare payer and provider that offers an "insanely great experience" to its customers.

The company, which operates more than 28 walk-in clinics in the Portland, Oregon, area, has already expanded its services to include specialty and emergency procedures, dental care and mental health services. Zoom targets the young, mobile-connected demographic customers it calls "Sarah"--named after a young physician assistant.

The company also offers health coverage--Zoom+ Performance Health Insurance--which it bills as "the first health insurance system built from the ground up to improve your human performance."

Some of the plan's features include "+prime," which includes "food and movement as medicine" classes and "+kids," which offers free parenting classes and a parent partner hotline.

Though its provider and payer services are only currently available in the Pacific Northwest, it has plans to expand to other parts of the country.