ValueOptions' Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership Signs Contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


BOSTON and NORFOLK, Va., Oct. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP), a ValueOptions® company, recently signed a five-year contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to  provide integrated physical and behavioral health programs, management support services and behavioral health specialty services for the MassHealth Primary Care Clinician (PCC) Plan. The new contract started October 1, 2012, and MBHP estimates the annual value of the contract at $525 million.

The contract signing is the culmination of a competitive bidding process that began in May 2011. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services issued a request for responses seeking a program to provide integrated, comprehensive physical and behavioral health services to more than 400,000 people enrolled in the MassHealth PCC Plan. It also sought an entity to provide management support services to the primary care clinicians treating these members.

MBHP's winning program includes new emphasis on engaging members in their own health care and in promoting integration of physical and behavioral health services. Highlights include a new Member Engagement Center, Health Needs Assessment for members, Nurse Advice Line, Integrated Care Management Program and enhanced network management activities with both primary care and behavioral health providers. These new initiatives will improve care and member outcomes while reducing health care costs.

"We are thrilled to have finalized our agreement with the Commonwealth," said Nancy Lane, MBHP Chief Executive Officer.  "Over the years, MBHP has worked in partnership with Commonwealth agencies, providers, and the people we serve to build innovative, recovery-oriented approaches to behavioral health. We look forward to this exciting new chapter as we expand our service offerings to the Commonwealth and to members of the PCC Plan, with a new focus on integrated care and member engagement."

MBHP has worked with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 1996, to provide managed behavioral health services, and since 1998, to provide network and quality management for primary care clinicians in the PCC Plan. MBHP also manages behavioral health care for MassHealth members who are age 18 or younger, including 16,000 children in the custody of the Commonwealth's Departments of Children and Families and Youth Services.

During the years, MBHP has expanded consumer access to behavioral health services by focusing on community-based care. Another core tenet of MBHP is effective collaboration with providers. MBHP's behavioral health provider network, one of the largest in the Commonwealth, includes over 1,200 clinics, group practices, inpatient units, and individual practitioners.

"Massachusetts is at the forefront of health care innovation, especially when it comes to serving the most vulnerable populations," said John Tadich, ValueOptions' Public Sector Division President. "The Commonwealth has a strong vision for the future of integrated health services and a commitment to excellence that ensures people get the quality clinical care they need. ValueOptions shares its commitment to innovation, superior clinical care and better treatment outcomes for the people of Massachusetts. We are honored to move forward into the next phase of this long-standing, productive partnership with the Commonwealth."

About Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership

MBHP has worked with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 1996, to provide managed behavioral health services, and since 1998, to provide network and quality management for primary care clinicians in the PCC plan. Since its inception, MBHP has improved the delivery and quality of health care in Massachusetts through member-directed initiatives and innovative programs for special needs populations. Including families, peers and consumers themselves in the process of treatment planning and delivery is a cornerstone principle of the MBHP program.

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