eBrief | Move Beyond Delivery Systems to Improve Population Health

The move away from fee-for-service in favor of payment reforms that reward outcomes means that collaboration among healthcare organizations, health insurance companies, public health agencies, social service agencies, schools and other community organizations is more important than ever to keeping patients healthy. The aim is to improve outcomes and better understand patients in a healthcare environment of shared responsibility.

In this eBrief, the path to this goal is broken down into several areas of focus.

Additional takeaways include:

  • Community partnerships that bring together all those groups mentioned above to improve the health of the community—to focus on population health
  • Payer partnerships that align care coordination and payment to give healthcare organizations incentives to work with patients and the community to improve population health
  • Supportive infrastructure, such as interoperable health IT systems and staffing models that allow all these different groups to work together and to share information


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