Webinar: Payer Best Practices: Improving Clinical Integration through Provider Partnerships

Now available on-demand | Duration: 1 hour
Hosted by:
Dan Bowman, Senior Editor,

To improve member outcomes, payers must take the lead in insuring that clinical information is shared among multiple settings and providers--from the physician office to the emergency room to the hospital bed to post-discharge care.

It’s also a financial imperative: Reimbursement models that reward accountable care and patient-centered medical homes can’t succeed without clinical integration. That’s why providers and payers must join forces to analyze outcomes and predict which patients can best be helped with disease management programs, medication adherence programs and other efforts.

This webinar will focus on the key areas of focus for effective clinical integration, including:
  • Using information technology to monitor care quality, identify at-risk patients and tailor interventions to populations and individuals 
  • Linking quality measures to reimbursement, including clinical practice guidelines and protocols to measure performance
  • Implementing best practices for identifying and combining a variety of provider- and payer-supplied data, including electronic medical record data and historic claims data
  • Creating partnerships between payers and providers that reward data-sharing from multiple sources and across multiple settings to improve outcomes and reduce costs


Linda Fischetti, Vice President of Care Delivery, Accountable Care Solutions from Aetna.
Linda Fischetti is the Vice President of Care Delivery within Accountable Care Solutions for Aetna. She is responsible for designing and delivering clinical solutions for Accountable Care relationships that focus on partnering with health systems to improve the quality of healthcare and promoting cost efficiencies in the overall provision of healthcare across all settings. Previously, served as the Chief Health Informatics Officer for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and has also served on the board of directors for Health Level 7, the National eHealth Collaborative and on the Federal Advisory Committee and the Health Information Technology Standards Committee.
Peter Edelstein, MD, Elsevier MEDai
Peter Edelstein, M.D. has 17 years of extensive clinical and executive business experience including general, gastrointestinal, oncologic, and trauma surgery. Over the course of his career, Dr. Edelstein has utilized his clinical and executive skills to successfully guide hospitals, staff, physicians, students, and patients towards successful, patient-focused high quality outcomes