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The healthcare industry is changing rapidly, and payer organizations face challenges on multiple fronts - from healthcare reform legislation, to consumerism, to soaring costs. The key to meeting these challenges lies in the massive volumes of data that payers possess. Until now, they have lacked the analytical tools necessary to cost-effectively convert data to actionable information.

With the launch of DST Business Performance Optimization, payers can efficiently leverage data to make unprecedented improvements across the enterprise. Other industries, notably manufacturing, logistics and financial services, have unlocked the power of their data through optimization. DST is the first to bring optimization to the payer industry.

Early analytical tools helped payers answer questions about what had happened. Soon, statistical tools became available, helping payers determine why it happened. Payers are now beginning to adopt predictive analytics to forecast future events. DST's optimization tool leapfrogs today’s most advanced technology, using prescriptive modeling and analytics to identify the best possible courses of action to take.

This webinar focuses on three areas in which optimization can transform payer operations: benefit design, network management and provider payment. The tool also helps improve efficiency and effectiveness in care management, bid preparation, formulary management and virtually any function across the enterprise.

If a payer can precisely describe a question, DST can answer it; for example:

  • If I want to reduce medical costs 20 percent, what are my options?
  • Which members are at risk of leaving our health plan?
  • How do I best manage the utilization of high-cost formulary items?

Attend our webinar and learn more about:

  • Identifying optimal providers for your network
  • Creating benefit designs that meet individual member' needs
  • Choosing the best payment methodologies for your provider contracts.

Who should attend:
Chief executive officers, Chief operating officers, Chief financial officers, Chief information officers, Chief medical officers, Provider network managers, Benefit design managers, Population health management leaders.

Join us and find out how you can turn your payer data into actionable information that will help you reduce costs, increase revenue and decrease risk.



Rick Valentine - Managing Director of Business Intelligence, DST Health Solutions

Rick Valentine is managing director of business intelligence for DST Health Solutions. He is responsible for predictive analytics and modeling, healthcare optimization, population health analytics, Medicare Advantage and health insurance marketplace revenue management and medical drug management. For the past 30 years, Mr. Valentine has been actively involved in healthcare operations, strategy and product development, both for payers and providers. He has served as a partner in a healthcare management consulting firm, a senior executive in several large healthcare IT firms and in C-suite roles for hospital systems, healthcare IT start-ups and health plans. He is passionate about leveraging the power of information to improve quality, efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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