Medicaid Fraud Control

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Latest Headlines

Minnesota health officials, lawmakers debate financial impact of fraud prevention efforts

A state health and human services budget that passed the Minnesota House of Representatives on Wednesday highlights vast disparities regarding how much money the state can recover by cracking down on fraud, waste and abuse--an issue that has polarized state Republicans and Democrats.

Home healthcare leads Medicaid fraud convictions; DME suppliers, pharma provide highest recoveries

Home healthcare aids represented 30 percent of the criminal convictions by Medicaid Fraud Control Units in 2014, according to an Office of Inspector General report. This marks a slight increase from 2013 and remains well ahead of any other provider type.

Alabama's Medicaid fraud efforts come up short

Alabama's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit reported more than $63 million in recoveries between 2011 and 2013, but the agency is plagued with multiple inefficiencies, according to an onsite review conducted by the Office of Inspector General.

Texas state audit reveals 'operational defects' led to 21CT deal

A scathing report released by the State Auditor's Office in Texas reveals that organizational mismanagement and failure to adhere to internal policies allowed the Texas Health And Human Services Commission and the Office of Inspector General to award two no-bid contracts worth $110 million to 21CT for fraud prevention software and services.

Medicaid fraud recoveries dropped 20 percent in 2014

Data released by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) shows that recoveries by state Medicaid fraud units totaled $2 billion in 2014, a $500 million drop from the previous year, according to Reuters.

Rampant home health fraud in Ohio prompts action from legislators

An in-depth investigation published in December by  The Columbus Dispatch  exposed a home health industry in Ohio that is rapidly expanding, often at the expense of taxpayer dollars. But now lawmakers are taking a hardened look at how to better regulate the industry and root out instances of fraud and abuse.

Minnesota fails to recoup money from home health fraud

Minnesota remains vulnerable to home health fraud, despite oversight changes from the Department of Human Services. Of the 425 home health agencies notified of wrongful billing practices since 2008, just 25 percent were convicted.

Top Texas officials resign following fraud detection contract scrutiny

After months of scrutiny, two top officials at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission's Office of Inspector General are out of jobs amid questions surrounding a $110 million Medicaid fraud software contract.

OIG highlights Medicaid anti-fraud accomplishments

The Office of Inspector General on Friday issued its annual report on Medicaid fraud control units (MFCU) for fiscal year 2013.  The report includes policy-related observations about Medicaid anti-fraud work and describes the OIG's oversight activities.