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Latest Headlines

How a strategic approach to data will advance fraud prevention in healthcare

Information technology is paving the way for advanced data analytics, but organizations need to do more to learn from that data, identify abnormal trends and progress to the next level of premptive fraud prevention. 

Governance key to a robust health IT system

When it comes to growth of information technology at healthcare organizations, advanced governance is one of the key pieces to have a robust HIT system--but there are many that lack this element, according to Dick Taylor, managing director and CMO of the advisory services division of MedSys Group.

Analytics key to population health management at St. Vincent's

Analytics tools are the key to advancing change and achieving population health management goals at St. Vincent's Health Partners in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

3 building blocks for medical homes

To build a successful patient-centered medical home, insurers must implement certain foundational factors, including strong leadership and staff commitment to the care model, adequate information technology, and effective patient engagement tools, reported Health IT Analytics.

CIOs tackle job changes as health industry evolves

Technology is changing every facet of the healthcare industry, which also means that leaders in the industry are seeing their jobs evolving--perhaps none more so than chief information officers.

WellPoint's Patrick McIntyre on anti-fraud analytics partnerships

FierceHealthPayer: Anti-Fraud spoke to Patrick McIntyre for expert advice on smart shopping for anti-fraud data analytics and how to work well with vendors. McIntyre is senior vice president of healthcare analytics at Wellpoint.    

WellPoint uses Watson to speed up pre-approval process

WellPoint, IBM and New York-based Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center have developed a new product to help doctors personalize patients' treatments, streamline review processes and reduce waste.

Insurers use IT triggers to communicate on member wellness

As health insurers increasingly are expanding their business to focus on member health and wellness, they are finding that one particular information technology (IT) tool, known as trigger-based

HHS' updated infection-fighting plan stresses health IT

In an updated draft of its national action plan for fighting healthcare-associated infections (HAI), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) highlights the role of health IT. "Monitoring

ONC launches contest to develop application for the disabled

The Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT (ONC) is launching another cash contest to spur innovation in health IT. In this competition, ONC is challenging software development teams to