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Latest Headlines

CMS invites states to change ACA benchmark plans for 2017

The federal government is letting states choose a different essential health benefits benchmark plan for 2017, and this news may re-ignite public debate about what types of services health insurance should cover in plans sold pursuant to the Affordable Care Act,  LifeHealthPRO  reported.

Time to get the conversation started on price transparency

One concept that we hear much about pertaining to the future of healthcare is the need for cost transparency. And when we see reports about the wide variation of costs associated with medical imaging procedures, its easy to see why.

Meeting the challenge of healthcare fraud, and what that makes of us

This is a reflection on some of the problems we face as fraud fighters and who we may become as a result of efforts to solve them. I learned early on that we'll never completely eliminate...

5 things I'm thankful for--but could still be better

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season upon us, there are lots of changes going on in the healthcare arena that I'm thankful for. Since this is not a perfect world, things can be better....

Polls: Marketplace customers happy, 55% of uninsured to sign up

Americans who bought their 2014 health insurance through the federal or state marketplaces tend to be happy with it, according to a Gallup poll.

If Supreme Court strikes down ACA subsidies, states could step in

If the U.S. Supreme Court rules next year that the Affordable Care Act subsidies aren't legal, it could make health insurance unaffordable for millions of consumers. But could states save the healthcare reform law?

An Affordable Care Act report card

With a year of implementation experience under its belt, the Affordable Care Act has delivered on some of its promises but fallen short elsewhere, according to an analysis by  The New York Times. Excerpts from that analysis highlight ACA effects on health insurance affordability, performance of the exchanges and the healthcare industry.

Rand: Subsidies and individual mandate serve as 'carrot and stick' for ACA success

Removing tax credits that help low- and moderate-income people buy health insurance on exchanges would increase premiums by nearly 45 percent, according to results of a Rand Corp.  s tudy. M ore than 11 million Americans would lose coverage. 

Wal-Mart expands insurance education efforts for customers

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the Arkansas-based discount retailer and world's largest private employer, is launching an in-store program to help customers navigate the health insurance maze, the company announced today.  Wal-Mart is partnering with DirectHealth.com to set up counters in 2,700 stores where customers can speak to licensed insurance agents about product choices.

Seeing the connection between health insurance literacy and fraud

It's interesting to study the link between health insurance literacy and fraud, especially now as we prepare for year two of open enrollment in plans made available by the Affordable Care Act....