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Latest Headlines

Medical equipment fraud schemes worth watching

A federal jury in Los Angeles convicted a southern California man for his role in a $1.5 million durable medical equipment (DME)-related fraud scheme, the Department of Justice announced Monday.

Hospital chain: Payroll manager embezzled $5.4M

Florida-based Promise Healthcare and 11 of its hospitals sued its payroll manager for an alleged fraud scheme that diverted millions of dollars to himself and his companies.

Fake doctor pleads guilty to offering unapproved drugs

What's with all of these fake doctors suddenly coming out of the woodwork? A clinic operator pleaded guilty to unlawfully posing as a doctor and selling misbranded drugs with intent to defraud or

Medicaid re-enrollment rules costing states money; Indianapolis hospital floats $703M bond offering;

> A new study suggests that state laws requiring frequent Medicaid eligibility proof are actually costing more than they save. Article > Wishard Health Services in Indianapolis has set plans to

Miami Medicare fraud leaders turn selves in

The faces change, but the story always seems to be the same in the nation's Medicare fraud capital of South Florida. Provider, plus administrator, plus crook cook up Medicare fraud scheme, lives like