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Latest Headlines

VA ineptitude is becoming a long, sad running joke

The sheer ineptitude of the Department of Veteran's Affairs is becoming one long, sad running joke that is exposing rampant incompetence in the far-reaching corners of the department. Between last year's wait time scandal, and this year's prosthetics spending cover up--estimated at $6 billion annually--we're getting a true picture of lawlessness and chaos that is more infuriating than humorous. 

OIG calls out CMS for ignoring advice, overpaying $251M for DME infusion drugs

Medicare spent $251 million more than it needed to on durable medical equipment infusion drugs from April 2013 to September 2014, according to a  report from the Office of Inspector General--which had spelled out in a February 2013 report exactly how the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services could avoid overpaying for such drugs.

Two Los Angeles medical suppliers implicated in multimillion dollar wheelchair fraud

The owners of two Los Angeles-based medical supply companies were convicted of Medicare fraud in two separate jury decision handed down on Friday last week, both of which involved unnecessarily supplying beneficiaries with power wheelchairs.  

FBI raids Florida medical supply company with ties to 'Wolf of Wall Street'

The FBI has raided the medical supply company Med-Care Diabetes & Medical Supplies Inc.--a firm that garnered national attention because of ties to an infamous fraudster who helped inspire the blockbuster movie "The Wolf of Wall Street."

Once upon a fraudulently claimed mattress

I just read an old indictment announcement from the FBI that recalled themes of durable medical equipment fraud, sales quotas, and the temptations for people to throw themselves off legal and...

Medicare DME payment changes can hurt patients, providers

Medicare's competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment, prosthetics and other supplies- expected to save the program $25.7 billion by 2022 - has come under fire for its effects on individual patients and providers. 

Trio of wins for the Medicare Strike Force

Two fraud convictions and a guilty plea made last week a success for the Medicare Strike Force, which pulled the plug on scams representing more than $209 million in bogus charges for mental health services and durable medical equipment.   

CMS wants prior authorization for many DME orders

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services proposes to create a prior authorization program for durable medical equipment (DME), prosthetics and orthotics, claiming the program makes inappropriate approvals that cost the federal government billions of dollars a year,  AHA News Now  reported.

CMS: Expanded competitive bidding to save $25.7B by 2020

Expanded competitive bidding for durable medical equipment, prosthetics and other supplies will lower prices by about 45 percent, while prices for mail-order diabetic testing supplies will drop by as much as 72 percent, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

CMS reveals RAC audit hotspots

Recovery audit contractors (RAC) discovered more than 20,000 overpayments for just three types of hospital, ambulance and durable medical equipment claims submitted to the Centers for Medicare &