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Latest Headlines

Hospitals scramble to offset drug shortages

Check your drug inventories--a whole host of medications are in short supply this year, according to the FDA. Hospitals are scrambling to make up the shortfall, in some cases rationing medications,

Redefine payer-provider relationships to reduce cancer costs

There is no denying it--cancer is expensive. Although less than 1 percent of the commercially-insured population has cancer, they account for more than 10 percent of all healthcare costs. The average

Study: More breast cancer patients removing unaffected breast

Even though their tumors may be restricted to one breast, a growing number of women undergoing mastectomies are asking surgeons to remove their healthy breast as well in an effort to reduce their

East meets West at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan

Donna Karan, well-known fashion designer, is taking over a floor of Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan. And no, she's not sick; actually, she's trying to make everyone else there better. Her idea is

High gas prices discourage patients from getting treatment

Well, the following isn't surprising but it's still a shame. Increasingly, it's begun to look as though U.S. residents with illnesses forcing them to travel often or go long distances are postponing